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no buwwets

1929 ford

i've seen this car before, and usually pass it by, because the hood is open, but mostly because of that stupid wooden billy gun. if this is the same one i remember from another show, the owner once practically begged me to come take a picture of his car, but when he went and got the gun out i could only just keep from laughing out loud, and shook my head no. could be a totally different car and owner, but i don't see too many prop guns like this one. no wait, there's that pt cruiser that has that silly stuff on it...never shoot that one either.

i was going to skip it again this time, but decided it didn't look so silly from the back, parked off by itself in the shade. still has that pea shooter sitting there, but i can ignore it just this once. had the hood up, i think, so this was the only POV i was ever going to take of it anyway. nice car. dump the prop gun...it's stupid. or else put some bullet holes in the side. want me to do that in photoshop for ya?

second time at this show. brought my bro and his family, who are visiting from the east coast for a few days. kinda disappointed in the turnout, but made up for it this morning by taking them to the show at enderle, which was much busier and had more variety.