what's up?

where did the time go?

1955 ford fairlane

i haven't posted in a week. been out of town. my daughter got married. grew up while i wasn't looking. it happens.


anyway, i didn't get to shoot any cars while i was there. drove past a big show on the way to somewhere else, but my family members wouldn't cater to my addiction, so had to pass it by.

finally stopped at a couple of shows this evening. over at the show off alondra. not too busy there. i suppose i was early, but still it's usually full up. walked the rows a couple of times, took not too many pictures.

headed over to the big boy in downey. that used to be pretty good. i haven't been in a couple of months probably. where have all you guys gone? there's a lot for sale sign out back, and the covering is off the fencing. what gives?

took a few shots. i liked this fairlane. pretty clean, nice paint combo, parked in a corner. nobody puts baby in the corner, but maybe this isn't baby.

i hope there's still a good turnout at the whittier uptown show later this month or i may just take a break for a while. i'm sure this is just a passing mood and i'm tired, but i thought i'd just say hi, before you start to worry...