what's up?

gots balls?

ford hot rod

getting late, so i won't say much here. i'm always fascinated by these big engines and wonder why the balls in the pipes? so birds don't nest in them?

this one practically has a crown of pipes, at least from this angle. i just want to take those nerf balls out and have a water ball fight...it's been so hot lately. i think those were parking tickets plastered all over the windshield, but i don't know what the point was. maybe if i look at the large size again, i'd see what the joke was. and i love the table full of puckerbutts watching...can practically read what's going through their minds: "what in the world is she doing? why is she doing that? am i in the picture? go away..."

ever have one of those days, when stuff you said got taken all wrong and everyone is pissed at everyone else? well, i just had one; glad it's over, and man, my head hurts from even trying. i'll try harder not to care, and go back to being the wallflower that i naturally am, watching and silent in the background. geez.