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1959 dodge imperial

could they have put anything else on the back end of this car? it seems bizarre, but i love it. i've seen this car before, but he likes to back it into the parking spots, since the front of it is so awesome as well. fortunately, he (that's him on the right) parked it up against a sidewalk, on a beautiful blue-sky day. he tried to point out the "best shot," which i guess is higher up, and looking into the cockpit of this spaceship, showing the swivel seats, and the doors open. nice, but i think its probably been overdone that way.


it was mentioned to me tonight, by a thoughtful car owner at one of the shows, that he enjoys reading my blog, even if i quite often label the cars by the wrong year, or even don't have the right make. i've said it before, so i'll say it again, use that little turquoise "post a comment" up above any and all pictures here, or even the send me an email on the sidebar, and for goodness sakes, let me know what they are when i'm wrong! in the time since this blog hatched, only two of youze guyz have bothered to correct me—ya, it was their own car—and also, one guy at a show just told me outright. i quickly revised the label and any reference to the car, so thanks very much.

i really love taking the pictures of your cars, but i don't know diddly about what they are specifically if they aren't obviously noted. my brothers would probably know. my dad would know, and i could ask him, if he'd stay awake long enough to peruse my blog and tell me what they are, but that's too much trouble and he's busy. i do my best to research them on the web, to find similar images of the car in question, but those are obviously not always right, and i'm doing my best to get more familiar. so i'll just keep shooting your little darlings, and not worry about how right or wrong i am naming them.