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ruby ruby

1948 chevy fleetline

the owners of these first two front cars have been asking about the shots i took lately. "did you get my car?" answer is yes, probably. have i worked on them, answer is no, probably. not enough time lately, with late nights at work. and so many pictures to choose from, i really can't decide what to post when i have had time.

i thought this was an interesting shot, all around. and there weren't a lot of people there that evening, which is especially unbelievable up by the restaurant, where there are usually quite a few "look at me" cars and crowds of people. i think there was another show somewhere that night. well fine. i'm having a good time.

i was waiting for some people to show up; spent an hour taking pictures; put my gear in my car and grabbed something to eat, then walked back around the lot. was dark by then, and really should have gotten my camera back out. the lights had come on, reflections were different, some cars had lights turned on underneath that matched the paint themes...but i was tired and just didn't.