what's up?

altarnative view


here's another showlows car from the dia de los muertos. one of two altars set up in the back of their trucks. interesting to look at and very colorful.

some work's been done to this truck since this shot. kinda wondering what's planned for it. it's all sanded down.

sunset kisses

1951 chevy truck


 did you guys see the sunset last night? wow. and it just really popped this truck, in spite of the matte paint job.

almost missed this bunch of chevys at the very back of the lot at the broiler. i was about ready to pack it up, but was waiting on my better half, who was playing with a lensbaby on his camera and chatting up another truck owner at the front of the lot. i always keep half an eye out for anything new driving into the show. you know what i mean—when you hear them before you see them. usually happens right after i've packed my gear up, only to be forced to decide whether or not to pull it all back out.

so this handful of cars drove through...there were no empty spots up front...it was happily busy for a change. some of the best stuff can be found in the back lot because they show up later. only complaint is the lack of lighting at the back, especially if its getting dark and i'm on my own.

anyway, i got several shots of these cars with spectacular skies behind them. i'll have to post them eventually. getting late now, so you'll have to settle for just one.

howdy neighbor

1951 chevy

a few weeks ago, while whining about all the rain, i mentioned an old chevy that i see in my neighborhood. usually see it parked out on a curb, or a block ahead, driving away. i'd never gotten up the nerve to get out of the car and just take a shot of it in the street. apart from possibly getting run over, i was not sure if the owner might be a bit persnickety about some stranger taking pics of his car, à la "richard".

well, to my wandering eye appears, at the first show i hit for the year at fuddrucker's, that self same chevy, i've come to know so well. i finished shooting the car i was busy with, and headed straight over. the owner got out, with his small son. i, against my usual nature, said, "i love your car, i see it all the time," which i guess pretty quickly makes a guy all warm and fuzzy with pride. chatted him up for a little while, shook hands with his son. apparently, it was the first time he'd stopped by the show. told him my story about always driving past his car, etc. he says i'm welcome to take a picture of it anytime. so maybe i will shoot it in it's natural habitat sometime.

anyway, i took a picture of it where he parked it. not the best spot, but the car is still very nice. guess i should ask if he plans to finish painting the back end, or if he's going to leave it that way. the show wasn't as full as it usually gets when it's a bit warmer, so i hope he'll stop by again.

before they left, his son ran over and handed me his dad's business card...so anthony, i hope you like this, and say hi to your son.

coming at you

chevy front

well, i'm spent. full weekend spent trying to get that one image that the owners will want to have hanging on their wall for years to come. should have taken more shots. more different angles...just more to choose from for me. live and learn.

to the three owners who wanted pictures of their cars, i've had fun working on these, but really hope that you'll love them when they're printed. please email me which picture(s) you want, (note which one is yours, of course!). if you let me know by tomorrow, i can get them back to you in time for friday's ruby's show. otherwise, i'll bring a small proof for you to see, then worry about a better print later.

for the guy that wanted his larger, i can make it up to 20 to 24 inches on the long edge, and it should still look quite good. let me know if you had something smaller in mind.

i like this shot, so i've posted it big instead of a small shot on the previous posting of the car.

gonna be busy at work this week, but i think i've done my share of posting anyway. i'll attempt to hit a few shows after work, always on the look out for something different to shoot.

mean green machine

1951 chevy this 51 chevy was in the side lot at the garden grove main street show. it seemed more crowded than it had been recently, and there was an inordinate number of spectators in chairs around the judges' table.

turned out that it was elvis day, and they were waiting for an impersonator to come out and put on a show. great for me, fewer people milling around the cars. if you look closely, there is an elvis on the balcony, not sure if it's the guy having a peek, or just a dummy — is there a difference?

my friend with the cane, at the ruby's show later that evening, said it's always elvis day in garden grove. viva garden grove.