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howdy neighbor

1951 chevy

a few weeks ago, while whining about all the rain, i mentioned an old chevy that i see in my neighborhood. usually see it parked out on a curb, or a block ahead, driving away. i'd never gotten up the nerve to get out of the car and just take a shot of it in the street. apart from possibly getting run over, i was not sure if the owner might be a bit persnickety about some stranger taking pics of his car, à la "richard".

well, to my wandering eye appears, at the first show i hit for the year at fuddrucker's, that self same chevy, i've come to know so well. i finished shooting the car i was busy with, and headed straight over. the owner got out, with his small son. i, against my usual nature, said, "i love your car, i see it all the time," which i guess pretty quickly makes a guy all warm and fuzzy with pride. chatted him up for a little while, shook hands with his son. apparently, it was the first time he'd stopped by the show. told him my story about always driving past his car, etc. he says i'm welcome to take a picture of it anytime. so maybe i will shoot it in it's natural habitat sometime.

anyway, i took a picture of it where he parked it. not the best spot, but the car is still very nice. guess i should ask if he plans to finish painting the back end, or if he's going to leave it that way. the show wasn't as full as it usually gets when it's a bit warmer, so i hope he'll stop by again.

before they left, his son ran over and handed me his dad's business card...so anthony, i hope you like this, and say hi to your son.