what's up?

happy happy joy joy

i'm going to go ahead and post another tonight, since i'm not sure i'll have time tomorrow.

i had to go to LAX today. and as you can probably guess, any time i'm out of my usual haunts, i try and find a new car show to check out. more bang for my buck, as long as i'm in the area or something.

anyhew, it was early on a sunday, so there was a million dollar breakfast show up in marina del ray. never been there before; i'm usually sleeping in on sundays, so i don't hit a lot of the real early shows as it is. not sure if this was an average turn out, but there were less than a dozen classic and muscle cars at the time i was there. from an old bentley to a more modern mustang. small selection, but at least there was variety. it was kinda overcast, so maybe more people didn't want to come on down.

whooped out my camera gear and started taking some shots. i've been to early shows on saturdays on occasion, and know that the cars come and go, as people finish up their coffee or whatever.

i believe the guy that runs the show (he gave me his card, but it's out in my car still) came over to ask if i was with any magazines, etc. being the social retard that i am, i really didn't say a lot, except that i was doing it as a hobby, blah blah. didn't even mention my blog at the time. errrr.

anyway, i have several decent shots of some of the cars, that i will share sooner or later. starting with this studebaker, since the owner and his buddy were the first to come over and talk a little with me. i even showed them my book of prints, which always makes me seem more competent, even when i'm having a socializing brain fart. scuse my french. lol. it's late.

funny thing about these studebakers, they look so happy from this angle, even like it's smiling. the color of the car adds to it's playfulness. but if you shoot from a bit higher angle, it looks more weasley, with bulging eyes. and the other shot i have of this one reminds me of the irvine auto center otter mascot. don't ask why, it just does.

and i did go back over to the guy that gave me his card, and handed him one of mine...but i still didn't say very much to him...sorry about that.

time for bed now. nighty night, bunny wab-bit.