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1948 chevy fleetmaster

this car was awesome. i watched it drive into the lot, and then head straight to the back corner in the darkness, up against the fence, in front of others of the group. that would have been the shot i wanted, but it was one of the bad boy's cars, and i wasn't about to go into the dim light with a small crowd of guys and my camera gear. i was resigned to not get the shot.

it was like a ghost in the shadows.

later on, i noticed it had been moved under this light on the other side of the lot. positioned in an angle formation with another car, which i'll post another day. turned out there was another photographer there, i guess it was a "photo shoot." not sure what kind of camera...canon or nikon, i'm sure...but he was using a flash up top, and shooting all around, both cars as a set, the details, etc. almost expected him to toss the camera aside and say "i'm spent." i heard one of the owners asking about getting it all on a disc. i hope he was getting a fair price for his work.

anyway, i digress. the two cars are practically perfect. i noticed a minor blem on this one, but maybe it was a trick of the light. there was just a hint of pinstripes here and there, not overdone, very nice and simple. just not the best location and lighting. have to make do – i shoot'em as i find them.

i don't like when people walk into my shots, and i try very hard not to get into other's. at some point the photographer noticed me standing there, at which time i told him i was waiting my turn. he kept doing his thing, he was working it. i can wait, not in a hurry. i suppose he stopped either because he was done, or so i could take some shots, and he walked away.

i took a few of each, before the organizers came over to judge the cars for the raffle or contest or whatever they do. had to wait for them to get out of the way. took a couple more pics before one of the judges mentioned that he'd talked to me earlier in the year. chatted a bit, wanted to know which car i like best at the show. i showed him my prints.

next time i look up, the photographer was back, but this time with the owner of this car. he was decked out in some nice duds. time for pictures of him and his car. that was it for me.

i had to get to my car before i started to laugh at something that occured to me at that moment, and didn't want them to think i was laughing at them. i can't share my thoughts on what was making me laugh here; i'll get in trouble, but damn it was funny.