what's up?

a big one

1963 mercury monterey

just feel like posting a big image tonight. nothing particular spectacular about this car, except to the owner. he was there with his small son, probably for the first time at this show. both this father/son combo and the duo at fuddrucker's vaguely remind me of my ex and my son, when he was little. why do they have to grow up so fast? i'm rambling...and bordering on sentimentality, which is wells up once in a while. i'll get over it soon enough.

i've never seen them or this type of car before. he was nice enough to wait for me to finish my shots before he took off, so thank you, kind sir. i let him look at my prints while i did, so he wouldn't notice how long my shots were taking.

i think a shot from the back end would have been much more distinctive, as far as defining this type of car from any other, with the way the roof cuts in, but i didn't like the images as much. wasn't the best angle/location/lighting from back there. probably because of the curb, and having to stand in the dirt ditch, but i like this one anyway.


kinda wish i was at the broiler tonight...there's still time to get out there, it's relatively warm out, but i haven't eaten and i'm kinda tired. definitely will be there next week, at least for an hour or two.

thinking of maybe going back to angelo's tomorrow night, though i've been kind of disappointed by the turnout the last couple of times. at least it's close enough to disneyland, i can always go get that dinner i missed out on last friday. :)