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coming at you

chevy front

well, i'm spent. full weekend spent trying to get that one image that the owners will want to have hanging on their wall for years to come. should have taken more shots. more different angles...just more to choose from for me. live and learn.

to the three owners who wanted pictures of their cars, i've had fun working on these, but really hope that you'll love them when they're printed. please email me which picture(s) you want, (note which one is yours, of course!). if you let me know by tomorrow, i can get them back to you in time for friday's ruby's show. otherwise, i'll bring a small proof for you to see, then worry about a better print later.

for the guy that wanted his larger, i can make it up to 20 to 24 inches on the long edge, and it should still look quite good. let me know if you had something smaller in mind.

i like this shot, so i've posted it big instead of a small shot on the previous posting of the car.

gonna be busy at work this week, but i think i've done my share of posting anyway. i'll attempt to hit a few shows after work, always on the look out for something different to shoot.