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night vision

1939 pontiac

this beauty was just sitting there by itself, mostly being ignored by everyone at bob's last week. maybe it had just got there and no one noticed, or maybe everyone was caught up with all the cars coming into the main lot. i don't know. i only know that for night shots with long exposures, no one walking into my shot is a good thing. it isn't perfect – at full resolution you'd see the dust spots and blown out highlights – but i like it anyway. pretty much captures what i saw, the reflections, the traffic speeding by, the colors...cool.


on another note, i've been working some 12+ hour days, which leave me very little time/energy to post, though i really am missing it. probably will do a few this week as well, so apologies for being negligent here...i'm having posting withdrawals. i've purposely left earlier on a couple of days to hit a couple of shows, to get my butt out of the chair at work...was at ruby's the other day with prints for some people that actually paid for the them beforehand, but hey, there was another show somewhere, and i was 0 for 4 on delivery. makes it difficult when i don't have a contact number, or they don't have a computer, or they send an email, but my response bounces back for whatever reason, to figure out what images they will want or when they will be there to pick them up. well, i think one of them was sick maybe...guess i'll just carry stuff around with me until i run into them again.

i did get to show some people a very nice, big print of the dodge – i went ahead and ran one in full color (because that's the way i like them and they really do look awesome on the paper i get them printed on), though they will probably want it with the background all grayed out, so i'll have to order another for them. thinking about someday soon having a show at a local gallery, and figure i'll start printing out some of my favs as i can afford it. i have so many to choose from, but that's not a bad thing, now is it?