what's up?


another from the viejitos/pistoleros show. had it queued up, and apparently forgot to post it here.

i liked this car. the paint was dark and shiny enough to gather the reflections and make you want to fall into it at the same time.

really wishing that modern truck wasn't back-assed up against it and into my picture. but that's they way i found it, so there you go.

home, sick

1940 chevrolet special deluxe

apparently the office cold has caught up with me. was able to work from home yesterday, and enjoy coughing up a lung without glares from coworkers. really not that bad, at least yet. i was going to go to several car shows this weekend, but i think if i made the move to head for the door, my better half would tackle me.

i think he's testing me now. he slathered me with vicks vaporub, and hoped i'd stay put while he took his mom to disneyland. i could just take a shower and go to one show, and be back before dinner. but really, i already have a few pictures i can play with, and i guess this is just one of those days i save them up for, right?

so i'll spare you my cooties, and stay put. i'll probably take a shower, and wash off this sticky stench of vicks. so gross. if they run too late, i will go uptown and find some dinner, but i will otherwise just stay here watching old reruns and looking through my files for some other cars to post.

saw this one last weekend at the classics/temptation show in santa ana. so glad the clouds started rolling back in half way through the time we were there. skies and the reflections on the spit shined cars are always so much better. and as always, the hood ornament.

1940 chevrolet special deluxe


1940 chevrolet

what is it with the ghost flames/color on color i see too often? they're there, but they're not, which is the whole point, i guess, but what a pita they are to photograph. even with a little bit of sparkle thrown in the mix, it's difficult to catch the light on them just right. the glitter throws the light all around and messes with my camera focus.

found this one in cypress. first time i made it there this year. i have pictures from last year, but i didn't remember it quite this flamey. gotta be the sunlight hitting it. i need to start carrying a little step ladder, not only to get the details here, but i'm seeing highly designed and airbrushed roof tops, that are just a shame to not be able to see from my height. i'm gonna take to leaping small buildings or standing on top of other cars or something. so aggravating when i see those and am too short to aim the camera, should i attempt to fully extend the tripod legs. guess i could just wing it and see what i get.

lucy in the sky

1940 chevy special deluxe

this is the other car that was at chubby's diner that was being photographed opposite this one. both were pretty wonderful. guessing they're part of the same car club. i am really curious what the other photographer got with his shots. also guessing they look nothing like mine.

off to bed...i've worked all day...hit a car show...gone to disneyland...stick a fork in me, i'm done.