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1958 edsel

quick post. it's late, but i've missed my cars. been dealing with a bum water heater, which now has to be replaced. time out of the office, and work is piling up, so i must make up for the time.

made a quick stop here in tustin before heading to work on a sunday, at an annual show at enderle center. seemed smaller than last year, but there were still a good selection of cars. unfortunately too many with their hoods up. ah well.

it's the front bumper on these things that really mark the car, so i've focused on it here. don't know why edsels have a bad name, or so i've heard. they look well enough to me.

off to bedski...



angel baybee

1963 chevrolet impala wagon

so, did your mother ever insist that you write thank you notes when you receive something? ya, mine did.

and i almost always respond to an email quickly. someone took the time from their busy day to care enough to type out a few words, and should be answered back just the same.

well, i got an email not long ago. it was a very nice email, kind words on my photos and blog. i do remember reading it, but i was also sick at the time, and had put off answering at that moment. then life got busy again, and answering it went itching to the back of my mind – i still intended to write back.

so i found myself at the broiler, running into the owner of this car, whom i'd met a month earlier over at the deli show in paramount. here he was, asking if i'd gotten his email, the self-same email i'd neglected to answer in kind. fumbled with the excuse that perhaps it had gone to the junk mail.

no, i found it—a month back—but, yes, i do remember reading it.

i know i hadn't taken a shot of his car at the previous show. i know it was already late by the time i'd arrived and they were already giving out awards. i think, perhaps, that his car was up too close to the crowd for me to get a shot. i only took a few shots of cars on the fringes. then several people chose to chat about photography, and i lost the sunset and stopped taking pictures.

anyway, he was so very nice again at this show. happened to be parked in a convenient spot, with an empty space beside it, so i took this shot for him.

hope you like it, and i'm sorry i didn't answer your email promptly. shhhh. don't tell my mom.

courtship of edsel's faja

1959 edsel wagon

i never saw an edsel wagon before...didn't even know they made them. so i had to get this one. apparently edsels are relegated to the outskirts of the show, as that's where i always find them, at the ends of the rows. i guess because the cadillacs where curiously missing last friday, the edsels had taken ownership of the last forlorn row of the show.

this pair were really nice. nice and shiny. just before the awards and raffle prizes were being announced, these two moved to a different spot than this one here, facing the other direction. and then the buffing began. the owner of the wagon just started buffing and dusting off that car...don't know that it could get much shinier than it already was, but maybe he just needed something to do to keep his hands busy. uhhh, nervous energy, i mean. oh, behave.