what's up?


victory motorcycle

motorcycle from the blessing of the bombs show. don't remember seeing a victory before, or at least shooting one. usually all harley, all the time. nice for a change. nothing fancy about this one, except i liked how it was sitting, and the clouds in the sky.

fourth of july. day off. went to a movie this morning. playing with pictures now. next, there's some bananas that need to be made into bread.

i even made dinner last night. seems if i've got to much time around the house, i start getting domesticized again. i hate cooking, but when i have a craving, i go with it. my better half and his mother aren't complaining about it either. except for the chocolate chip cookies i made on friday; they're made with real sugar, not that fake stuff, and they both are trying to stay away from it. same with my kid and my parents—at least they try not to indulge. so hell, i'm slowly working my way through them myself. going to try pushing them on the neighbors. i certainly don't need them all.

after the bread is in the oven, i guess the whining about going to work tomorrow will begin.

no plans for this evening. i've seen enough fireworks for a lifetime. i'll just stay home, and see if there are any here. >:)