what's up?

stuck in traffic

chevy truck

took me almost two and a half hours to get home yesterday. checking the map now work is done for the day, before jumping in the car, i see both freeways are fucked, so no better for me than yesterday. having a terrible stomach ache for no good reason, so i'm just turning around and staying at my mom's tonight.

shame that some of the clubs are trying to get the wednesday evening shows at the broiler going again, and that i just can't get there, without taking a day off work. traffic sucks.

saw this truck somewhere else, i just know it, but a quick search of this year's pictures didn't show it. found it here, at the bombs magazine show, sort of not jammed between other cars, and it is a different color combo than i usually see, so took a quick shot. the neon felix plate is kinda ruining it though. i should change the color, but i'm not at home with my computer, and that's the way it was, so i'll just wince a little and ignore it.