what's up?

hit the floor

1948 chevrolet fleetline

i am not familiar with the tovar family or their cars. i have a feeling that i just haven't been at the same shows they are at.

i always wonder about why certain cars are strategically located under their own tents. i don't know the stories, and many times, i find that there are just cars with the wheels off and on pedestals with parts spinning above mirrors, and hoods up, and shitloads of chrome. sure, they're awesome, but they usually just don't attract me.

i walked past this tent initially, because it was at the front, near the entrance, and there was a lot of traffic passing by, and people polishing the cars under the tents. i rounded back a bit later. there were fewer people around, and the hood wasn't up on this one yet. now or never.

guess i caught it early enough, that the paper was still under it, and now i know the secret of how it got on the white carpet without any tire smudge. didn't stick around to see how they ripped the paper out from under the tires for judging.

guessing with the carpet there, no problem dropping that puppy right slam down on the floor, without worries of scratching the paint or chrome.

beautiful car.