what's up?

first up

1948 chevy special deluxe

quick post, since it's late, and i'm crazy.

first shot from sunday's super cruise. lots of cars, but not enough of these. or would that be too boring? well, i did shoot a variety of classic cars. skipped the newer stuff. and what's with the datsuns at the front?? going to put the v dubs up there next year??

got there just before the sun got over the horizon. had scoped out parking last year, and found a good spot. walked over to where the duke's club always parks. thinking someone works in one of the businesses over there, or at least has a buddy that does.

this one was parked at such a good angle to catch the sun when it did start peeking over the buildings.

glad i got it here, because i saw him driving away not to much later.

side note, since it's funny and has bugged me all day: was running late this morning, because the clock in our room is running slow...stopped for a quick breakfast after driving out of my way to avoid a friggin sig alert this morning.

after getting my food, i noticed on the receipt that the lady at the register, who can't be much younger than i, had given me a senior discount. i'm not there yet. i appreciate the sixty something cent discount, but seriously?