what's up?

into the deep

1954 chevrolet bel air

actually went to a library last week. haven't really been since my better half bought me an ipad however many years ago now. getting my reading fix well enough with it.

i happened to be across the parking lot from it, and knowing there's a new steven king book out, figured i'd take a look, highly doubtful that i'd find it.

shockingly, there it was on the shelf-- only a seven day, no renewal possibility. so i grabbed it, as well as one of his newer books on cd. figured i have long drives to work and back, so why not for a change?

anyway, i have two more days and haven't hit halfway yet. been working too much.

at my mom's tonight, going to read until i drop, or until i finish.

figured i would post a quick one before i get to it.

loved shooting these cars early at pomona. thinking this one would look just fine sitting in my driveway. a girl can dream, right?