what's up?


1941 chevy special deluxe

i do like cars when they are parked near overhanging trees. easy to frame up something nice.

others were shooting a group of cars farther down the parking lot, just out of the frame. i took the opportunity to shoot other cars, while everyone was over there watching the commotion.

almost everyone. at least two were left, watching me, shooting this car. caught them in the reflection.

we live in an older house. no air conditioning in the summer, and an ancient heating system for the winter. i get hot flashes more often than not, so i suffer through the heat of summer, and the old wall heater in the back room is basically dead in the winter. i put off using a space heater in our room as long as possible. the thing makes me paranoid that it will tip over and start a fire, and it also heats the room up a fair amount.

my better half used to love it cold; i called him a polar bear. now he is less enthusiastic about it, especially when he wants to sleep. so we are at odds, now that winter is coming. it has been in the low forties at night, and our room has a lot of windows.

some nights we run the heater, and i alternate being under the blanket and throwing it off. sometimes it wakes him up, most times not. he has slept up on the couch a few nights, so i could see how it was without the thing on. it was great, and i slept fine.

i think he didn't mind the couch either; house heating system works well up there, and i secretly thinks he likes being up there, sleeping with the xmas tree lights on...a big night light. but those elf on a shelf elves, that it is covered with would freak me the fuck out.

heard my better half had joked to his mother that an exorcism was going to be needed in the back bedroom. he could almost see his breath when he walked in the other morning.