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1939 chevy master deluxes

this is a not so perfect shot of previously mentioned photoshoot at last week's old memories toy drive.

the other photographers who had asked the owners to pull their cars out into a loose semi-circle, seemed to have either been done, or were taking a break to regroup, so i quickly shot a few frames. it might have been during the time they were getting a certain little red truck to shoot from a higher elevation, up in the truckbed.

i think i would have shot this differently, had i had more time to do it. i mean, i shoot a wide angle lens, but i am not liking that i had to stand so far back to get them all in, and even so, i managed to clip either side, in my haste to get a shot.

the formation makes some sense, in that they fanned out, and allowed space so each owner could later be posed with their car in a group shot that i've seen by the other photographers. to me, it seemed to be missing something visually. can't quite pinpoint whether it's the one car not in the perfect formation, or that the others needed to be a little more haphazard. i dunno. i guess i'd have to mock something up with toy cars to solve the puzzle.

on top of that, this little cabal of thirty-nines seem to be up to no good, but that's just my weird imagination running away with me. and the bike in the background is the sacrificial beast.