what's up?

outside looking in

1939 chevy master deluxe

slept in, skipped pomona this morning, but did manage to roll outta bed and get to the old memories toy drive at the speedzone. thought i'd go there, then maybe head over to pomona after.

wasn't really a whole lot there when i arrived after start time, which was ten. several other photographers were there or showed up soon after—@zurdo_la, @reyfierro, @aragonphotography39. i know a couple of them well enough to say hey, how's it going, where you been, where you going next...starting to sound like forrest gump. they said it was too late to head to pomona, that cars would be heading back this way. toss up between this show and the together toy drive out in covina.

i just stayed at this one, for a couple of hours. there was enough to keep me busy and fiddle with my cameras. zurdo, one of the photographers, asked what lens i was shooting today — same one i usually do, wide angle. used to carry around another wide angle, but more glass just makes my bag heavier. at this point, i'm just getting the hang of this lens...shoot the hell out of what you have, until you know it, really know it, right? or wear it out.

anyway, with all the extra space available at the show, one of the other photographers took the opportunity to have some of the owners to pull their cars out, so they could shoot them better. i tried to stay out of the way of their shots.

once they walk away, the cars are up for grabs, until the owners move'em back.

one owner of a very nice chevy, asked me if i'd like him to pull it out; it took a bit of biting my tongue, to not start laughing and say, "that's what he said." i did manage to thank him for the offer, but it was fine where it was.

really liked this one. managed to get a shot that didn't have other people in it, and at an angle that hid the cars parked behind it, more toward the checkered building.

took a couple of shots of the interior—why not, the window was open. didn't quite frame it up right, but like it just the same.

didn't go to another show after this one. on the way home, i did stop by the cemetery, to say hey to my better half's uncle. he didn't have much to say, but he does have a lovely tree to give him shade, and it was hot in the sun.

i don't think i'd want to be stuck in a box in the ground, with just a no-profile grave marker. tombstones, big ass tombstones are the way to go, if you're going to bother with a hole in the ground. they make a statement, that they were here, kind of like kilroy.

i drove over to the other field that has those, and they aren't very impressive or numerous, but they make me think cemetery. maybe i should go back to photographing old cemeteries, like i did in college, and shoot very old tombstones and graveyards. i like the old ones in boston, or even santa ana.

for a wallflower like me, i just want to be cremated and tossed to the wind. i prefer this meadow on a mountain in canada, overlooking lake louise, or maybe mt. rainier or muir woods--whichever i could get someone to dump me. at least i'd be more useful that way, and no one would stomp over me to visit someone else. and it would be as if i never were...

cemeteries with the no-profile markers just look like pock-marked faces. old school is the way to go, but more inconvenient for the field owners...