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1948 chevrolet fleetline

i love when the circus comes to town, err, i mean community events. especially car shows. they happen just up the street; i don't have to drive or worry about parking; i can sleep in a little later and still be there before the sun comes up; i can walk home and take a break when it gets too hot or if i want to get my hat. its a happy side benefit i got when i moved in with my better half and his mom.

so now, aside from the annual uptown whittier summer car show, we have a dia de los muertos celebration. what originally was just a dead-themed art show, that had maybe a dozen cars with memorial altars, has become a full car show, with themed vendors and face painting. it was clearly fifty-fifty cars vs vendors, food, and live entertainment. sponsored by casita del pueblo, a local shop in town, it has just gotten better each year. i thought it was well organized, and well thought out in placement of participants--vendors and cars.

on some streets with vendors, they only put them on one side, and left the tree-shaded side open for all the people to move or just cool off. it has grown to fill about four blocks long by two or three wide, cars located at each end and up side streets. car clubs were able to park together and save spots for their members that were late for whatever reason.

it was a good show, perfect weather and with something for everyone.

this is danny's car. i met him several years ago at car show in santa ana, and run into his club at local shows only once in a while. he's always very friendly, and i get a hug most every time.

he had his hood up, and i was about to keep on keeping on, but he jumped up out of his chair asking if i wanted him to close the hood. i responded, "only if you want me to take a picture of it!"

i took several, actually. such a beautiful car--i love the curves of a fleetline. these are a couple of the pics of it i liked best. was good to see you again, danny.

by kathy