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two second

1960 chevy impala

out of town today, but i have this second car from last sunday ready to share.

still have barely looked at all that i shot that day, but i know when all is stacked, tagged, backed up, there are more than two-hundred cars i managed to get decent pictures of (apologies to all my english teachers for ending a sentence with a preposition). working first on the ones i promised to post, which are what i tag on the first glance of the download. hoping i remembered all of those. please shoot me an email to remind me which was yours, if you don't see it in the next week or so.

this one was parked over by the bank, in a high traffic area--so many people walking by and in front of the camera. it happens when you stay at a show after it opens, just have to be patient and wait for those in-between moments to click the shutter. but i was at the far end of the street earlier, and didn't work my way to this end for a couple of hours.

unbelievable how time flies when i'm out having fun. i was there before the sun came up, and next thing i know its ten-thirty and my better half is texting to remind me to have breakfast and drink water.

there was a dj that set up almost directly behind, just out of the frame, who started blasting music about the time the aztec dancers were doing their thing about half a block away. from here, could barely hear the drums, but i could see the flurry of befeathered movement as they marched and pirouetted their blessings. i passed by the dj's speakers several times that day; i don't see how any of the people sitting in chairs nearby didn't go home deafened later. at least it was a good sound system, and you could recognize the songs clearly, without any muffled, muddy mumbling lyrics.

i took a handful of angles before my ears couldn't take it any longer.

by kathy