what's up?

early riser

1954 chevrolet

we're back, and obviously, i'm up late. that's not good, since i'm planning on being uptown by six in the morning for the dia de los muertos show. they've posted no parking on a good bit of the street and cross streets, so hoping for a good turnout of cars, and oh, maybe some vendors and artists with dead themed wares, as well as people dressed up and painted in traditional dead makeup.

many car owners last year had little devotional displays for lost loved ones, so i expect more of the same.

and i'm so tired, and still at least an hour from sleep. i woke up at six, and watched the sun rise and color the other hotels and buildings, and things get hopping along the waterfront. we left san diego about eight thirty this morning. back home before eleven, unpacked, and started running laundry.

the old washing machine started doing it's loud thumping dance, trying to commit suicide, inching toward the ledge to throw itself over. each time, i ran to push the stop button, swearing like a sailor. better half just says i have a potty mouth, but it's much more effective than just flipping it the bird. the drum must have a broken drum, it spins so violently if you don't catch it, it will knock itself over.

had enough of that thing, and just said i was going to go buy a new one. better half drove me around town, stopping at several stores comparing models and prices.

i finally texted my ex, who knows all about these things, and is an all around handyman kind of guy. he recommended one brand over another, and where to look. when he asked who it was for, since it wasn't for my own place, he said he had a couple just taking up space in his garage.

he happened to have borrowed a truck to go fetch his grill back from my son, so he loaded the washer and drove out to pick up my son in the o.c., to help with the lifting, then drove the washer up to whittier, (thanks albert and vince!). that's a few hours out of his way, and i really appreciate it, as i was ready to use a baseball bat on the old one.

my better half installed it a little while ago. so it's running a cycle to clean it out and to check for any leaks. gotta wait for it to finish before catching a quick shower before bed, otherwise, the washer will take all the hot water, and i'd be suddenly caught in a cold jolt of reality, and wide awake. bink bink.

check out the reflection on the door, of the chevy next to this gem. the sun had just been glowing on the hood of this car. i had just missed it in this shot, because i didn't get over and setup soon enough to catch it, but i still like the picture anyway.