what's up?


1947 chevrolet fleetmaster

was chatting with my better half over dinner tonight; an assortment of subjects, as usual. still surprised we have anything to talk about after this many years, but there it is.

subject of car shows came up, because of course it does. some relative at the funeral mentioned their computer had crashed and he had lost the link to my better half's website. thinking it would be easier to remember if he sent him to it through my links page, better half came over and asked if i had any cards on me, which i did. think it had a cadillac on the back—irrelevant detail.

anyway, that led to conversations he has with guys at car shows, who, invariably will ask him for my card. they know he is with me, and he's easy to talk to, while i am usually busy taking pictures.

he mentioned the owner of this car, from last year's super cruise, wondering why i hadn't shot a picture of his car. he asked first, if the hood was up. it was not. he told the guy that i probably had shot it then, since it's one of my favorite models.

had the owner asked me, i'd have posted it sooner. otherwise, probably never would have gotten around to it. i have so many to choose from. since it came up in conversation, i'll go ahead and post it, though you've probably given up on seeing it.

looking forward to the super cruise again, next month.