what's up?


caught this car right after the owner parked. i get impatient sometimes; really nice cars draw crowds quickly, and crowds get in my way. i'll wait for people to move usually, but after a few minutes, i usually will move along, and hope i remember to come back later.

this one happened to be near some food vendors. hadn't had bfast yet, and my better half was in line waiting on his chorizo and a quesadilla for me. he watched me take a few shots. 

he told me the other day, while we were talking about car shows, that the owner later asked him about when i'd post the pictures. better half didn't know what to tell him. probably something to the effect of sooner or later.

i think i'd already posted it on instagram; just hadn't had anything to write about here to have a reason to post it yet...one of those rainy day cars. not raining, but since my better half mentioned it...