what's up?

with style

going to see star wars this evening. walked uptown early to see it, but it was sold out. i hear it's better in imax 3d, but this small theatre will do just fine.

better half wants to go to pomona tomorrow, but his ankle is hurting, so we'll see. it is a lot of walking.

i have monday off, but he doesn't. not sure what i'll be doing. might just log in to work from home, and get a jump on one of many deadlines i have this week. more likely, i will just sit at my computer and play with my pictures, posting a few of my faves here and there.

here's another chevy from huffarama. don't recall it having any association to any car club on it, and i don't know who it belongs to, but it was very nice, sitting off to the side of the lot by itself.