what's up?

a bit dark

i did it. i got up, got my ass out of bed and was in line at the fairgrounds at five-o-eight this morning. really dark, but there were some lights and few people...they were busy getting breakfast burritos or something.

i spent the early morning shooting in the dark. i like the pictures. they aren't sharp as images after the sun started coming up, but i like the feel of them. messed with my camera settings to get them to look like this one.

so many cars to shoot as the morning progressed, and the weather was perfect. cold and clear. not freeze your ass off cold. waaaayyy better than the hell that is summer on that pavement.

i could have stayed all day with no complaints, except i got hungry and also needed to dump my coat in the car, probably about nine. and well, after sunrise, and the light starts getting to normal overhead light, it's probably just as good a time to leave anyway.