what's up?

taco town

i was on my way back to my car, from the mooneyes open house, when i saw this car sitting in a parking lot. i find it difficult to just keep walking past such a car, with all it's rusty business, particularly when i had my camera gear in hand this time. otherwise, i'm just as likely to whip out my phone and take a snap.

not sure if it was completely the car that caught my eye, or just the play of the colors of the cars against the building.

been away from my pictures for several days now. home for the weekend. very busy at work. people will start visiting this house soon; a funeral is only a week away; and one person has two additional of her own to attend...this year has started on a very sad note indeed.

hoping to be sitting in line at pomona this sunday, before the sun comes up. thar be cars to shoot...