what's up?


shot this bike, while ignoring the crowd. focus. if i thought about it too much, i would have missed too many pictures. not anti-social, just socially retarded in large groups. forget the "imagine everyone in their underwear" advice they give people doing public speaking. not speaking, but still surrounded.

that lady staring real hard, didn't bother me at all. probably didn't realize she was in the shot, and just makes me smile. don't like her pants much, but the shoes are ok.

and the other dudes, i have a whole story in my head making me laugh. especially the guy on the phone, and who he might be talking to; that's just me, my brain just goes there. ask my better half.

there were other bikes around the corner, but mostly in dark colors. this guy has the balls to park it front and center, just screaming for attention. well, it got mine. enough to ignore all the people.