what's up?

relay for life

made it out to la mirada today. american cancer society's relay for life and car "exhibit." it was mostly overcast, which makes for really good pictures without harsh shadows.

duke's car club chapters from everywhere were the hosts, so there were lots of chevys to keep me happy, and they have lots of friends. heard about the show from a whittier guy we met at chicano park last month.

saw lots of cars and people i haven't seen in a while. took lots of pictures.

sun peeked out momentarily, then went away and then unexpectedly, it started to sprinkle. it wasn't in the forecast, but you know what i think about weathermen...they're always wrong. my camera is mostly ok with a little rain, but the lens not so much.

when it started getting a little more persistent, i had to go over to a nearby building with an overhang. i waited about half an hour, hoping it would clear up.

owner of this car happened to be walking into the building, i suppose to "wash his hands" and mentioned that i had taken pictures of his car and would be interested in seeing some pictures of it. i liked this shot best. this side view is also ok, i suppose.