what's up?

church day

sunday, so why not post a car with a church. i like the car, but churches and me just don't get along.

last year's solitos show at foursquare in whittier. hot day, got there late. i've posted other cars from the show before, so i'm sure it's all been said already.


hot today, and i'm tired. like i said, too much work and no play, is making me a dull boy. so to speak. i really need to get out of this house. didn't get a chance to get out town. not for lack of trying. my better half tried booking stuff at all our favorite places, but apparently, it's spring break, and everything is booked.

my bro was in town all week on business. he moved across country, so haven't seen him since thanksgiving. i got to see him for about half an hour yesterday, before i had to go in to the office to make a last minute fix for people waiting in an office on the east coast. told him we'd take him out to dinner after his meeting, just had to call. well, i guess he was too tired, and didn't even let me know he wouldn't be able to make it.

could have booked an overnight at local hotel, but it was too late, and i can just wait for some other time.

it's my other brother's birthday today. wonder if he's home, or flying to some exotic place. he's an airline pilot, so it's possible. i guess i'll send him a text message before i try calling.