what's up?

on the fence

i'm inundated at work. i used to go home at the end of the day happy to have the bestest job. they treat me well, get me whatever i need. graphic designers have the bestest jobs. get to be creative all day.

but, too many weeks in a row, of too much to do and not enough time, juggling deadlines and reprioritizing constantly, and i'm quickly burning out. i get home and just want to sleep, but find it hard to stop my wheels spinning in my head.

still another month before i get a vacation. actually scheduled one mid-year, so i don't get forced to take time off at the end of the year again, for having too much vacation time saved up. that and mid-year anniversary trip.

so, i'm hoping my better half isn't working this weekend, so we can run away and hide in a hotel somewhere or other.

that or i need to buy a lottery ticket and win, before i start hating what i do. and i really like what i do. so that would suck.


found this chevy early, before too many cars and people got in the way. i kind of like the fence and electrical tower behind it.

haven't decided if the paint makes or breaks the car. it is a little dinged up, so a crappy paint job isn't going to hurt it. maybe it's just primer, and they'll put something shiny over it later.