what's up?

big toys for big boys

went to la habra today, to get lunch. well, first to stop by the classic oldies toy drive, then to lunch.

found them hiding back behind the businesses, with the entrance lined with the members' cars...fleetmaster, master deluxes, deluxes...all chevys. knew i made the right decision to drive out.

and it didn't seem to be like some other toy drives i've been to, where cars were just passing through, dropping off a toy; it really was a show, with raffles. it is a bit early in the season, so maybe there wasn't another show they needed to make an appearance at either.

overall, i liked it a lot. mostly cars i love, lots of representation from many car clubs. my only issue was that it turned out to be a hot day, not windy, like they (the weather dudes) promised. good for a show, not great for me.

after a couple of hours in the sun, hauling the bag around, i had to leave. remember, i said i was going to lunch...ya, so i was getting a little wobbly, and my side was bothering me, so i had to leave, even as more cars were showing up. :(

probably should have brought the water my better half told me to, as i walked out the door, but, i just don't have anywhere to put it in this bag. maybe i'll go back to the old roller bag. liked it better anyway.