what's up?

ah, space.

wandering through a car show presents some challenges, at least as far as seeing a good picture. cars packed in closely, people wandering between the cars, overhead wires, open hoods—all things that bother me, and sometimes distract from the focal point of a picture.

so, when i see a car off by itself, i take advantage of the opportunity. open space. room to look around, see the car from all angles.

spotted this truck from the entry alley. shot those first, and hoped it would still be sitting by it's lonesome by the time i got to it. it was.

behind me, a parking lot with a few cars, and the raffle desk. from here, overhead wires, and a pop up. decided this was better.

only took this one shot. felt like i got the one angle worth getting of it.

as i was walking out, a guy stopped me to ask who i shoot for. i asked which car was his...none. he had driven in as a passenger in this truck. lucky you.