what's up?

wake up

we got up early and got to st hilary's today before six, and the sun. sure, roll-in wasn't until six-thirty, but i get my choice of parking, and the host club's cars are there setting up, so we just start with them.

then the sun did it's usual thing, and a few more cars showed up.

i was suprised that these spaces in front of the statue didn't fill up first, as is usual. this guy sat all by it's lonesome for a long time. i would have preferred shooting from the other side, because there's a big old tree i really like to have as a background, but, unfortunately, there were a couple of port-a-potties under that tree, so settled for this angle instead.

building lights were still on. timers or sensors? not sure, but they are mildly irritating, adding extra, unwanted lights and reflections.