what's up?


didn't sleep well last night. no reason. just made me not want to wake up and go to pomona, knowing i wouldn't want to pull my bag around the miles of cars there. and of course, any time i decide to skip it, it turns out it would have been a perfect day.

stayed overcast in whittier for most of the early morning, so i can only make assumptions about pomona. well, i've got a few pictures saved for upcoming rainy days.

spending the day working on a few pictures i promised from recent shows, kicking back with the better half, and whining about having to go to work tomorrow.

just as well. doctor told me to keep taking it easy, since my cracked rib is still not completely healed.


another one that goes with yesterday's story, one of the last group of cars i shot last week.

nice car, liked the location. would have otherwise skipped it at the end of the day, because there were too many people passing by. but since the owner asked, i shot it as best i could. just takes patience, shooting in between people passing by.