what's up?

up and down

quick post, since i didn't realize it was sooo late, and our intention is to go to pomona first thing in the morning. totally should be asleep now, but i've been away from my pictures for so many days, i was having fun.

from last week. i was almost totally done with the show, physically—i was overheated and tired...not physically—i hadn't gotten a good look at all the cars...so many showed up. i had just took a long look down the street, and decided not to walk to the end. i had just enough energy to head back to shoot the buick over by rocky cola, when a guy, whose car i'd shot out in walnut earlier in the year recognized me, and called me over.

he was telling his friends about the picture i'd done of his car, and they both wanted me to shoot their cars. happy to oblige. took a few shots of each.

this one started out like this. then one of his friends said he should drop it. so i shot it again.

then, because i think impalas are really plain in the front, i went around to the back, and took one more.

clean car. i think i like it down better.