what's up?

in memorium

so, i've been out of town most of the week. still am, but i had this photo here waiting to post. actually, i have a few ready, just waiting for time, and something to blather on about, neither of which i have lately.

another from last weekend's dia de los muertos show. i have several more i have promised to post, so they'll be up this weekend, when i get back home.

i've seen several other pictures of this same car, by different photographers. they all look pretty much the same. so, here's my shot for consideration. ya, the hood is open, but the show was supposedly less about the car, and more about the celebration, so i made an exception.

a lot of cars had their memorials in the trunk, but many more elaborate ones, were placed out front, or beside the cars. meanings were all personal to the owners, and however they chose to honor their much missed loved ones.


since mostly nobody reads this, and just quickly flip through the pictures, let me just jot this down, mainly to my better half:

getting old sucks. not sure when it happened, so gradually, and while i wasn't paying attention. now i look in the mirror and see my mom looking back at me. my mind feels young, but this body must belong to someone else. always tired. i put on weight just looking at a hamburger, and if i'm interested in taking some meds to help with hot flashes, the side effects include even more weight gain. if only kids knew, they'd spend less time wishing they were grown up, and spend more time being a kid.

i spent the last day and a half starved, in preparation for a colonoscopy. yup. gross, but i've reached that age, where it's recommended.

had a coworker die a few years ago of colon cancer, because he didn't get one done, being a guy, until it was too late, and only after he was feeling really bad. if he had, they would have found it early and been able to do something before it took over and killed him. he was only in his fifties, and left behind a wife and a handful of kids, including a special needs kid. so that sucks.

my better half hasn't got his done yet, and probably won't. what is it about guys and doctors anyway? good thing they don't have to pop out kids, right?

seriously, the worst thing about the procedure, after the "cleansing" or more like "butt tsunami," is the iv. i hate needles. and then they wanted to stick it in my hand, which gives me the heebeejeebees. never have let any nurse do one there before, but for whatever reason, they had to. this nurse was excellent, and used a baby needle. i didn't look, and it was done quickly. not as bad as i imagined, but nothing i want again, when i have the choice.

they rolled the bed into another room. i remember that part. once the stuff in the iv drugs got flowing, that was it. i was out. they did what they do, and i woke up back where i started. i don't feel any effects of what they did to me. not even sore. even got some nice pictures from up in there for souvenirs. lol.

so, i guess, what i'm trying to say, mainly to my better half, and to anyone, just do it already. your ass isn't a sacred vessel, and you won't feel like you've been part of a prison movie, in a cell with a large inmate.

it doesn't hurt, so if you've gotten old, like me, just get it over with. they probably won't find anything, but if they do, you will have time to get it taken care of, and more time with me.