what's up?

uptown bombs

better half accused me of being like a squirrel, hoarding up nuts for winter. because i have been prepping a bunch of pictures to post, but only posting them up one at a time.

so? i can.

sometimes i'm holding them until i have something to say. other times, i'll put up a couple, and have nothing worth mentioning for the day. does it really matter?

this one is going up because i'm out of town, and away from my puter.

saw an awesomely old rusty chevy nomad in an overcast field today. drove past it twice, but couldn't really park on the side of the road to shoot it. but it was really cool.

also missed a trunk n treat in town, because i decided to get a late lunch, and then had to wait for a ferry boat. that's ok. probably would have been a bunch of packards anyway.


this owner was the reason i had to stop and shoot several more cars, after i had decided to head home. he really liked the picture i shot of his car at another show, so he talked me up to his buddies, and they all wanted me to shoot their cars.

i like this shot, maybe better than the previous picture i took. the other had some funky clouds above, but this just seems like a cleaner shot.