what's up?

little green men

back from vegas. was up at like three in the morning, thanks to the drunk aholes that decided to hang out in the hallway by my room. talking loudly, not caring what time it was. always about themselves and what fun they are having. idiots.

when i decided that i might as well get up and go, they had just stumbled back into their room and i suppose were sleeping. then some stupid girl comes and timidly knocks on the door. then knocks a little louder. then pounds at it, until the other idiot gets up and lets her in.

you don't know how badly i wanted to bang on the door or go to the lobby and call their room several times. but i just wanted to get going.

usually, i go to the cars and coffee show on my way out of vegas. i would have been a bit early. could have waited, but typically, the first cars there for the first hour are stuff i don't care about: pns cars that guys literally just bought and think they should show them off; pt cruisers, muscle cars, shelbys, ferraris, etc. decided not to wait around. 

stopped in baker to stretch my legs. was driving by, heading to whichever eating establishment might be open at this hour, and had to turn around to get this shot. over at alien jerky. been a million years since i've been inside, and don't remember seeing these things outside. it's like maybe 7 am. no one else around. but this dude is just sitting there looking at his cell phone. no other car in the lot. maybe he's an alien. offered to take my picture in front of this car, but no way am i handing the random dude my camera, nor do i want to be in front of it. 

noticed there are aliens in the car, on the roof, and sitting about randomly. the alien in the car moves his head back and forth very slowly. wonder if they light up at night.

anyway, long week. back to work tomorrow, and lots of it already lined up. few more weeks and i'm off for another week for vacation. no idea where we're going. we've been too busy to sit down and book it. 

the only thing i liked about my annual trip to vegas, was a portrait lighting class i took. thinking about maybe shooting some of you more interesting personalities at the shows, or maybe even the pinup girls, so thought maybe i should learn about how to do it. spent several hours with several athletic types under big umbrella lights and soft boxes. not really how i would take pics of people at car shows, but i like to understand the theory of how to use lighting better. i was really too shy to deal directly with them, and tell them how to pose, so i shot from the sidelines...pretty much how i do with cars.

here's stephan...he's so yum.