what's up?

line ’em up

starting off with a big double bird to the 5 freeway...took two-and-a-half hours to get home today. no good reason for the backup. started at the 133 and went to about ball road, then just started moving again. so wtf? was already tired, and that didn't help things.


one from the east la viejitos show at the broiler in august. don't know how i got this view, without anyone standing arbitrarily in the shot. patience pays off sometimes. why i didn't also shoot the dodge behind it, i can't remember. not even the hood ornament. must have been off to take a break.

by this time in the morning, it was getting pretty hot, and the sun was blazing down. had taken a few breaks, hiding in the covered area by the restaurant, bumming some ice water from a waitress.

i liked the pale mint green of this car. and the fox tail. i've had a few i picked up in canada back in the late nineties. packed away in storage for now. wonder if they're shedding down to the leather yet. had a beautiful white one with a black tip, but it was way too big to use for my keys; had to use a racoon tail for that, until it fell apart. i digress...

liked the restrained use of pinstriping in a darker shade of green and white. just some random swirls.not too much. i think i shot some close ups, but i'll have to look for them when i'm not so tired.  i think some also spelled out "poco loco."

speaking of...off to zeebers now...