what's up?


riding on amtrak to san diego right now. haven't been on a train trip since my kids were little and we'd go visit relatives in ventura. double decker surfliner, top level, so that's fun. better half working at the office down there until tuesday, so i'm gonna stay overnight and enjoy his air conditioned hotel room. too hot today. ugh.

no cameras with me, so that feels strange. almost naked. nothing to hide behind. and i'll be on my own while he works; i have no idea what i'll do or where i'll go. and he will worry...

didn't get going as early as planned. got a message that my daughter's borrowed car was making strange sounds, and that her dad wanted to just go look at new or used cars for her. she burned out the engine on her old one. probably ignored the evil red light on her dashboard too long.

first, though, had to pick up dry cleaning for my better half and lunch for my mother-in-law. squeezed in breakfast around eleven. thinking of hitting the cafe car now...almost six. nah, i'll eat when i get there. got those errands done, then off to the apartment.

stop at a car wash on the way, where the code i had, was about to expire on. great, only one of the two bays open. stuck in that line for half an hour. just pulled up to the code box, when the douche of a station owner opens the other line. thanks for that.

ended up waiting at her new apartment, in the bit of shade by the door, only to find they were still moving stuff in...so i helped with that when they arrived after half an hour. no air conditioning...melting inside the place. overhead fan didn't really move the air much. didn't want to think about cars after that. her dad decided the borrowed car only needed power steering fluid for now. don't want to make a quick decision on a car anyway. dealers always bend you over and make you take it in the pants too.

took off from there, and headed to my mom's. niece's bday today. she's staying there while she goes to school. she was in the shower and my parents were sleeping. they're old. they can. i had a train to catch, so just left a gift on the table.


saw several pontiacs at the san pedro show. not so familiar with models and years on them; just know i have to shoot the hood ornaments when i see them. liked the overall car for this one, as well.


oooohhhh i see the ocean now...ttfn.