what's up?

getting baked

so i'm waiting for things to get started for the day, here in sin city. tired. it's hot outside. even at night, in the shade of the parking garage. dry heat pfft. i am not glowing. i'm sweating like a pig...do they even sweat, or are they more like a dog? anyway, staying inside most of the time, as a lot of these hotels are connected by gloriously air conditioned walkways or indoor malls.

went to a party last night and stayed out late. got back to the room, and housekeeping had never come by to make the bed, etc. i had been there earlier, just before six, and they hadn't been there at that time either. first call to complain got me a free meal at the buffet; late call got me a comped room for the day. so yay. but work is paying for it, so really, thanks for nothing.

talked to several interesting peeps yesterday at the party. one from florida, who works at the college my nephews went to and does photography there of lots of things, but most interestingly, of anatomical/medical stuff for textbooks. one from seattle, who i want to say was an engineer or in finance - i apologize, i can't quite remember, and may be completely confusing him with someone i talked to earlier in the day - who was also an amateur photographer.

also a lady from san diego, who had driven up by way of san luis obispo with her mother. she was now stranded in vegas without a car because a family emergency, and mom had taken off with the car back to SD. she was gonna rent a car to get home after this is over on friday.

hey to the guys - i gave them my card so they could check out my pictures. welcome to my streams of consciousness and blather. it's mostly just ignore the text and look at the pretty, pretty pictures, which i think a lot of people do anyway.


the owner of this car knew who i was right away. said he follows this here blog, since he met my better half at this same show last year. he called out the posts from my better half's blog of his car, and then threw out several things i've said on mine. he even pointed out that his hood was closed, which i used to whine about quite a lot, since i don't like shooting cars with their hoods up--ruins the lines--though there are rare exceptions. usually, i'll just walk on by.

i think this was the last pic i promised to do from the show. when i get home, i get to get back to my favs, from this show, and the viejitos' show, since i didn't have time to show them some love either. guess i should also hang the newest ribbon from the mirror up in my header...