what's up?

some guy's thriftmaster

ok, so i didn't find more time to post before i had to get outta dodge and head to vegas. better half stuck at home, so here on my own. again. most every september. for work. vegas is pretty boring by yourself, especially when you don't really gamble, smoke, or drink.

don't think there will be rain this year, so i might get to more than one local car show this week. if they just planned this meeting later in the month, i could go to the big big car show people keep telling me i should go to. oh well. vegas sucks.

typing this up from a random, relatively new food court, with new and improved vendors--previous vendors here really were vomitous. the restaurant i wanted to have lunch at wasn't open yet, and since i was on the road at four in the morning, and can't get into my room yet, just killing time here.
the legends show didn't suck. i arrived before the sun came up. before they unlocked the gate on the parking lot. drove on up past the park, enjoying all the cars parked along the street, who must have been there all night.

at least the old cars have big seats, and room to lay down. makes me miss the 1965 oldsmobile tornado my dad had, that was mine for a short time...trips over the mountains and through the woods, to grandmother's house, we went. frickin ten hour drives. but i could lay down in the back seat, or even up front, on the floor by my mom's feet, and look up at the clouds and shadows i could see through the windows. anyway...
liked this thriftmaster. met a guy named guy, and his girlfriend, still polishing the dust off this car. really nice. seems to be a popular color for these things too, since i've seen others the same shade--is it that year's original color? early morning light is actually making it a bit darker than it should be, or that i remember. maybe i'll tweak it some more when i get back home.

they were nice enough to give me a few minutes to get a shot of it before too many people and cars got in the way. thanks, guy!