what's up?

busy weekend

man, i'm tired. did the viejitos show on saturday morning, then out to san pedro before dawn on sunday morning. then been busy busy at work since monday. going to vegas next week on business, so i gotta squeeze some picture time in when i can before i go.

barely posted anything from the viejitos show yet, and i have so many good shots, but also have a crap ton of good shots from the legends show. so, i'm just gonna get some of the usual shots i promised to post to certain people first, and get them happy, then do the stuff i really liked/loved.

from sunday. saw this one really early in the day, and had set up to shoot it. nothing else really around, few people, faint light. got half my shots in, and then the owner came around this side of the car and started unloading stuff from the back seat. and left the door open. i waited a few minutes, but the sun was rising, the light was changing, and he still hadn't come back around to close the door. i'm not gonna touch a car, and close it, so gave up for the morning.

came back around later in the day to find it like this. too many people, splotchy, bright light. took a few shots from the front too. really made me regret not asking him to just close the door in the morning. oh well. it's ok. just not as lovely as it was early.

great show overall. was last year, and had expected no less this year. hundreds of cars, no way i could shoot every one of them. but damn near filled up my memory card, and i did burn through a battery. bummer that my better half couldn't go; he would have been there if he could, but had to take care of his mama...responsibility is a heavy responsibility, as he would say.