what's up?

big mike's chevy

so i've been home being sick for last couple of days. binged on game of thrones the first day, since it was so warm i couldn't sleep, and then worked from home today, to spare my coworkers from my cooties.

got a few more pictures i promised to post up here from the viejitos show. just be patient.

i was walking past this one, and this big guy comes over and asks if i'd taken pictures of his car yet. nope, working my way around the show, but hadn't shot it yet. says his name is big mike, and points to this car. sure, i'll shoot it and handed him my card. buy a print here, if you like it.

planning to go to san fernando on sunday, before it gets too hot outside. only if i'm feeling better, of course. better half is hoping to go this year, too.

they've let me in pretty early the last couple of years, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. promise to stay out of the way. really.