what's up?

"cast iron wonder"

so i'm still sick. had a last minute invite to take a picture of a club's cars at a memorial service today, but had to turn them down. can't drive on this medicine. hope someone else was able to help them.

probably also won't go to san fernando tomorrow. i could skip the medicine, but my over-protective better half wouldn't be very happy. he'll say it's too soon, and that i should stay down the whole weekend. already missed three days of work.

he had expected i'd get up and go out to do the photo today, and i'm sure he fully expects i'll get up before the sun tomorrow to be in san fernando. and i totally would. the things we do for love...so phooey, will have to wait another year.


ok, the lady of the couple that owns this car, saw me shooting another car, and came over to ask me to take pictures of her car. fine. if they managed to get computer access, there's another view of it over here.

mostly stock parts, and recently completed, if i remember correctly, it also features air bags. guess that's important, because other people mentioned it to me as well.

several websites mentioned nicknames for this model year, including "baby cadillac" and "cast iron wonder."