what's up?

hey, photographer

hey, photographer! that's what i vaguely heard after i'd walked past a pop-up tent with a bunch of guys lounging in the shade. took a couple of times, before i realized they were calling to me. i don't really think about being one, so i almost had it tuned out as background noise.

turning around, got the question i'd been asked several times yesterday: you with a magazine or what do you do with your pictures? never quite sure what to say. i do post them here. one. at. a. time. or maybe some of them, never. to the few people who really seem interested, i'll post their car here, if i think the shot was decent. if it isn't, hope to see it again, in another location, with more interesting light maybe.

anyway, fun bunch of guys. viejitos from somewhere else, i think. one guy asked me to take a picture of his car. took a couple, liked this one best. if you like it, you can buy a print here.

kinda missed the focus point on the hood ornament, but i like it anyway:


most of the time i forget my camera will take video. shot this quick video before i left. not nearly as clean and steady as what my better half gets when he slaps his camera on his rolling tripod, so sorry. just did the say anything move, and held the camera up over my head.


if you know i took a shot of your car, and want to see a frame straight out of the camera, without the tlc or polish, you can go peek over here. shoot me an email, if you're interested in seeing it cleaned up, and maybe buy a print. some of them i'll get around to eventually on my own. squeaky wheel gets the grease, ya know. i have a hard enough time deciding on what to post now anyway.